Goodwill shopper finds Super Bowl treasure

Green Bay Packers fan and Goodwill shopper in Venice discovers helmet previously owned and worn in Super Bowl by Tyrone Williams

Published Friday, February 9, 2018

Justin DoyleVENICE, FL – One keen-eyed Green Bay Packers fan received quite a surprise while shopping at the Goodwill Manasota location in the Rialto Plaza on Venice Island. Justin Doyle – who is also known as Billy Jack from the Jones and Company morning show on 107.9 WSRZ – was perusing the sporting equipment section of his favorite Goodwill when a familiar shade of yellow caught his attention. A football helmet, covered in marker and glitter, looked to be in rough shape but the NFL stickers adorning the item were unmistakable.

Doyle purchased the helmet for $4.99 and took it home to research further. The helmet was not marked as game used but, after researching the stickers on the back and inside, he discovered that his Goodwill find formerly belonged to a Green Bay Packers defensive back: #37 Tyrone Williams. Using social media, Doyle reached out to Williams to confirm whether the helmet had really belonged to the player. Williams, who was shocked to hear his helmet had shown up in a Goodwill, confirmed not only that he had played in the helmet but also that it was helmet he wore in Super Bowl XXXII.

Williams has ties to the Suncoast and offered to meet up with Doyle next time he was in town to sign the helmet. Although their schedules have not synced up yet, Doyle looks forward to the day he’ll get the perfect ending to his amazing Goodwill story, which he shared with Goodwill representatives just prior to the recent Eagles-Patriots matchup in Super Bowl LII.

“The helmet is one of my absolute favorite possessions and I can thank Goodwill for that,” Doyle said. “To this day, I still shop at just about every Goodwill in our area multiple times per week. When you find a score like this, it can certainly become addicting!”

Goodwill has a long history of rare, unusual and, sometimes, shocking items being donated. Items have included valuable artwork, rare books, historical documents and musical scores, artificial limbs, pet and human ashes, and a coffin. Goodwill Manasota was recently in the news when a grenade launcher – later discovered to be an Airsoft toy – was donated in Bradenton and the police had to be called to ensure its safe removal.

“We hear so many stories of the unique items people have found in our stores,” said Goodwill Manasota vice president of operations Donn Githens. “It goes to show that you truly never know what you’ll find on a trip to Goodwill. But it’s well worth coming in and taking a look.”

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PHOTO ID: Justin Doyle aka Billy Jack from the Jones and Company morning show with his Goodwill find


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