Goodwill offers workshop on sexual harassment in the workplace

‘Time’s Up’ will address the dangers of sexual harassment and explore negative company culture issues that contribute to misconduct

Published Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Time's UpBRADENTON, FL – The “Time’s Up” movement, which took center stage at the recent Golden Globes, has put sexual harassment in the workplace front and center. The movement is hoping to strengthen sexual harassment and discrimination laws across the country and push for equal pay between genders in all industries. Goodwill, a national leader in providing job skills education and training, is partnering with the U.S. Department of Labor and an area law firm to address this important hot-button topic.

In order to help area businesses and nonprofits better manage issues related to harassment and discrimination, Goodwill Manasota will present speakers from the U.S. Department of Labor and Hultman Sensenig + Joshi for "Time’s Up – Sexual Harassment and Employment Law in 2018." The workshop will help organizations to learn how to identify and address harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and discuss the DOL’s enforcement priorities. This free program takes place on Wednesday, January 31, 9-11 a.m. in  Goodwill’s Cortez Community Room (3465 Cortez Road W., Bradenton).

Lourdes Bahr and Al Hernandez of the U.S. Department of Labor will discuss company culture issues and compliance in relation to proper categorizing of employees as exempt and non-exempt, proper payment of wages – including overtime, and misclassification of independent contractors. 

Christine R. Sensenig, Esquire, of Hultman Sensenig + Joshi, will discuss the risks that sexual harassment claims pose. They can come in many forms, from supervisors, co-employees, volunteers and even third-party members of the public. Once made, these claims can cripple the workplace environment, result in harmful media scrutiny or publicity, and have a negative financial impact on the businesses against whom they are made. Company culture issues and proper policies are key to prevention and compliance with the law.

This workshop is offered through Goodwill’s new “Changing Landscape in the World of Human Resources” series. Future events are being planned for the coming months.

“As a leading organization in workforce development, Goodwill believes its responsibility does not end once a person begins a new job. Our hope is that job seekers will enjoy a successful tenure after they are hired and for the duration of their service,” said Bob Rosinsky, president and CEO of Goodwill Manasota. “We hope that local businesses and nonprofits will take advantage of this workshop to better understand company culture issues that may contribute to misconduct and compliance issues mandated at the national level.”

This event is free but reservations are required. Go to or call (941) 355-2721 to reserve your spot. 


PHOTO ID: Christine R. Sensenig, Esquire, of Hultman Sensenig + Joshi (left) and Goodwill Manasota vice president Veronica Brandon Miller


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