Longtime Goodwill team member connects community members to better lives

Carlos Yancy, who joined Goodwill in 2003, helps those with barriers to employment to find jobs

Published Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Goodwill Manasota team member Carlos YancyBRADENTON, FL – You might think that playing professional football under a coach who is reportedly as tough as Bill Parcells would be simultaneously the most challenging and best job one could have but, for Carlos Yancy, his current post takes the prize. The 14-year employee of Goodwill Manasota takes great pride in his work with the Job Connection program as a career development facilitator – each community member seeking assistance offers a new opportunity for a touchdown dance.

Yancy is a third-generation Sarasotan who grew up in Newtown. He went to school and played football at Riverview High School and the University of Georgia, before enjoying a brief period playing for the New England Patriots under Coach Parcells. Upon his return to Sarasota, he worked with the Family Counseling Center under a pilot program of then-Governor Jeb Bush; this program privatized services for children and families. His next job was as an ESE (English as a Second Language) teacher at Booker Middle School.

He had dreams of starting his own nonprofit program and decided to stop into the Goodwill Selby Newtown Job Connection office to see about a job and getting his "nonprofit feet" wet. During his orientation, he scrapped the plans to start his own organization realizing that, with Goodwill, he would have instant credibility and be working to help community members with jobs and housing, which he agreed were critical needs.

The job-seekers Yancy works with typically have some kind of barrier to employment, whether it's a shortage of education or job skills training, a past criminal record, or a disability. He also serves older adults seeking to enter or re-enter the workforce, and veterans, who face many challenges to reintegrating into the community. His job involves resume assistance, arranging transportation for people who are without their own, securing resources - perhaps clothes or prescription glasses - necessary for success, and job and life coaching to help job-seekers set and reach their goals. And he loves all of it.

"One of the things that I love about Goodwill is that it gives me the opportunity to assist the neediest in our community," he said. "I encourage others in leadership roles to have patience and compassion, and to treat others like you would like to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot."

His colleagues appreciate his knowledge of the community, enthusiasm and dogged persistence in securing resources for individuals getting assistance through the Job Connection program. 

"Our services assist individuals with disabilities, people with limited work history, veterans who are transitioning to civilian life, workers who have experienced corporate downsizing, and senior citizens who need to re-enter the workforce. We are united in our goal of wanting to help anyone who seeks an opportunity to overcome obstacles to employment and achieve self-sufficiency," said Goodwill Manasota president and CEO Bob Rosinsky. “Carlos has been an invaluable resource to countless community members and a shining example to all Goodwill team members of what a great attitude and infinite compassion for others can help you to achieve.” 

Through its Job Connection program, Goodwill offers free career services including career counseling, interest and aptitude assessments, assistance with resume and cover letter writing skills, interview strengthening exercises, and application submission guidance. For more information, go to experiencegoodwill.org or call (941) 355-2721.


PHOTO ID: Goodwill Manasota team member Carlos Yancy

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Goodwill Manasota is an industry-leading, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization that changes lives through the power of work. With the sales of donated goods and philanthropic donations, Goodwill is able to assist people with disabilities and other barriers to employment by providing job skills training and employment opportunities. In 2016, Goodwill Manasota served 28,207 people, placed 755 people in jobs and assisted 240 veterans as they reintegrated back into the civilian workforce. Goodwill Manasota’s economic impact back to the community is worth $92.1 million. Goodwill is one of the pioneers of the reduce-reuse-recycle movement and this past year diverted more than 40 million pounds out of the landfill. We accomplish our mission through a network of Good Neighbor Centers in Sarasota, Manatee, Hardee and DeSoto counties and our Mission Development Services (MDS) around North America. Goodwill Manasota is accountable to a local Board of Directors. Goodwill Manasota, in essence, belongs to this community and is not owned by any individual or company. For more information, visit www.experiencegoodwill.org.