New Year’s Resolutions with Goodwill Manasota!

Every year, people make their New Year’s Resolutions and stick to them… for a few weeks. At Goodwill, we want to help you accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions! Below are a few popular resolutions, and our tricks to help you succeed.

Published Friday, January 1, 2016

LOSE WEIGHT – You’ve been so good this holiday season. You’ve avoided all of those extra desserts and drinks, and your clothes FINALLY feel loose. You deserve some new clothes! Not only can you find awesome clothes at Goodwill – you can also rid yourself of those baggy clothes that are no longer doing you justice! Not to mention that this can help you with resolution number 2…

MAKE A DIFFERENCE – We know it. It’s hard to do community service or find time to volunteer. It’s difficult to make commitments in January because you don’t know what your year will look like! Thankfully, it’s easy to give back! Just donate to Goodwill – we place people in jobs! We help veterans! That’s all made possible because of you. Pat yourself on the back and mark that resolution as accomplished!

SAVE MONEY – It’s time to budget. Save some cash. Stow it away for a rainy day. If you’re looking to buy awesome stuff at awesome prices, consider shopping at Goodwill! You’re also saving the environment, which helps save money… that beautiful vintage dishware that you’ve been trying to find on eBay to impress your new mother in law? You can find similar sets at Goodwill for half the price! Are you a fan of designer brands, but you can’t bring yourself to spend that much? You can find all of those brands at Goodwill! Decorating a dorm and hoping your kid passes all of their classes this semester? Visit Goodwill for the necessities – microwaves, plates, kitchen gadgets and more.

FIND A JOB – Finding a job can be tough. Just the thought alone can be overwhelming! Not to mention that paying someone to help you find a job seems counterproductive… and your resume needs some serious love. Don’t worry – we’ve got all of your answers! Visit any of our Job Connection offices – we’ll help you with every step of the process for FREE! (That also helps with resolution number two, you’re very welcome.)

LEARN A NEW SKILL – Want to impress your nephew by showing off your computer skills, but you aren’t thrilled about the prices? Visit our Tech Connection center, conveniently located at our Ranch Lake retail store – find an awesome computer for much less than you’d pay at a name brand store! Our computers are refurbished, secure AND you’ll also receive the Digital Literacy Curriculum that will have you surfing the web and typing documents in no time.

When you shop and donate, you help us CHANGE LIVES. That’s a pretty big deal. Thank you for making us a part of your resolutions – our community is stronger because you care. Have a happy New Year – here’s to an amazing 2016!