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William was a young man with big dreams. When he was in high school, he imagined a life full
of possibilities and adventure. Upon graduation, William’s father proudly offered him a position in the family construction business, which William accepted half-heartedly. He knew that his father needed his help and William had never been able to say no to him.

Twenty years passed in a blink of an eye. William had grown to enjoy working in his career and had done a good job of managing his father’s business. His father was having some medical issues and wanted to sell the business and move to Florida. His mother’s health had also been deteriorating, so his parents asked William if he would move to Florida with them. William agreed and moved down to the Sunshine State.

Both of William’s parents became chronically ill and William, being a kind and devoted son, was always there to take care of them. However, being a full-time caregiver was not easy. He had to learn how to bathe them, help them with daily life activities, and ensure that they were following their doctor’s orders. He did not have the resources to hire any additional help or respite care services and never had any time to pursue his own interests.

Another 20 years passed and then, last year, William found himself alone, with no job and no family. Both of his parents had passed away and William was at a loss as to what he would do with his life.

Having nowhere to be, nothing to do, and no one depending on him, William was not feeling as carefree as he had imagined he would. He needed to find some way to occupy his time. He decided he would find a job – perhaps he would meet some new people and would not feel so alone. But who would hire him? He had not worked in decades and had no idea how to go about finding a job.

William saw a sign for Goodwill’s Job Connection while shopping at Goodwill and decided he would give it a try. He met with a Career Development Facilitator, who helped him identify his skills and abilities, registered him in indeed.com, and helped him create his first resume. Filling out online applications was not easy for William but he spent hours in the Job Connection computer lab and was diligent in his job search. It all paid off when he received a call from Goodwill’s recruiter. His interview went well and, before he knew it, he was working full-time at Goodwill.

William has been with Goodwill for over a year now and is enjoying his newly-found independence. He is meeting new people and is beginning to pursue interests he never had time for previously. William has a GoodPartner Coach, who is helping him set some personal goals and who encourages him to become more involved in his community. William no longer feels so alone. He is thankful he decided to ask the Job Connection for help in finding employment and is happy to be part of the Goodwill family. It’s what we do ...