#MissionMonday - Tanya

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#MissionMonday - TanyaTanya moved to Florida with her parents when she was fresh out of high school. She really had not given much thought to what her life’s goals were so she got a job at Goodwill.  She met friends and really started to enjoy her new Florida lifestyle. 

Her job at Goodwill was working out well and it gave her enough money to do the things she wanted to do since she was still living at home with her parents.

After a year or so, Tanya started thinking that something was missing and she just was not really satisfied with her life as it was. She was having fun but she knew life was not supposed to be just about fun. She and her GoodPartner Coach (GPC), a free life coach offered to all Goodwill Manasota employees, started talking about her future, her long-term goals and where she saw herself in the next few years. The answers Tanya came up with included getting her own place to live and embarking on a new career; she had always dreamed of being a nurse.

Just as Tanya was beginning to realize she wanted more out of life, she received a promotion at Goodwill.  She was excited and knew that this was a step in the right direction, as it would give her some leadership experience in addition to a larger paycheck. Tanya and her GPC continued to talk on a regular basis and her GPC kept reminding her of the importance of revisiting and re-evaluating her goals.

One day while talking to her GPC, Tanya mentioned that while she loved her new job, she had not yet given up on her dream of becoming a nurse. She just wasn’t sure if she had the aptitude for a job like that. So at the encouragement of her GPC, Tanya went to Goodwill’s Job Connection to take the Career Scope assessment. Tanya said after studying the results of her assessment, she knew she wanted the challenge of nursing school and she knew she was capable of it. So the planning began.

After some research, Tanya decided on which college she wanted to attend and with some assistance from her GPC, she sent in her application. A couple of weeks later, she received a letter in the mail saying she was accepted and would soon be starting college.

Fast-forward to today and Tanya is a full time college student. She still plans to work at Goodwill and is moving out of her parent’s house into her own place very soon. Tanya says she is thankful she ended up with a supportive employer that also provided her with a coach who pushed her to dream big. She says it is not likely she would have been brave enough to consider college if it had not been for the support and encouragement that her GPC gave and continues to give her. It’s what we do...