#MissionMonday - Roy

Every Monday, we'll be posting a new story of how our mission has assisted people in the community. Be sure to check back each week for a new and inspirational story of someone who was helped by Goodwill Manasota. Changing lives through the power of work...it's what we do.

RoyRoy moved to Bradenton with no money and no plan as to where he would live or work.   He saw an ad for a trailer for rent, contacted the trailer park, and moved in, knowing he needed to find a job as soon as possible. He had heard about the Goodwill Job Connection when he went to Turning Points for a meal one day, so he made an appointment.  Kathy, at the Turning Points Job Connection office, was very helpful.  She gave him many job leads—including leads for jobs at Goodwill.  Roy liked the idea of working at Goodwill so he applied, interviewed, and got a job as an ADC attendant.

Roy’s financial situation was looking better and better. An old friend, Fred, came to town and moved into the trailer with Roy. Roy helped Fred connect with Goodwill and Fred got a job there too.  Now, Roy was splitting expenses with Fred and actually saving a little money each month.

Roy knew when he moved in to the trailer that it wasn’t in great condition. He was surprised when he learned just how many repairs it was going to need. When he spoke with his landlord he learned that the repairs would be costly and the landlord was not willing to make them. Roy and Fred needed to move.

At first, Roy and Fred stayed in hotels while they were searching for a new place to rent. It was stressful paying a lot of money for hotels, moving to a new hotel every few days and having no luck finding any kind of affordable housing to rent. The stress took its toll on Roy. He was angry all the time and his co-workers could tell. He received multiple warning on his angry outbursts and using profanity in the workplace. Eventually, his employment at Goodwill was terminated. The Goodwill leadership team met with Roy and asked him to complete Anger Management training with a community mental health provider. They let Roy know that when he completed the classes, they would consider him for the possibility of re-employment at Goodwill.

By this time, Roy and Fred were living out of Roy’s car. Roy began attending the Anger Management classes, as requested, and as the classes were nearing an end, the Goodwill Leadership Team agreed to bring Roy back.

Roy was doing a much better job at work now—even though was still living out of his car, eating and showering at Turning Points and using their laundry facilities. He knew he needed to get serious about finding a place to stay, but so far he had not gotten past the “looking to see what is out there” stage. His GoodPartner Coach and Team Leader Coach kept encouraging him to follow through. They told him that his stress level would improve once he had a safe, permanent place to live.

Following his GoodPartner Coach’s direction, Roy drove by Robin’s Apartment and jotted down the phone number for rentals but left it at that. Duane, Roy’s coach, decided to initiate a conference call to the apartment manager to “break the ice.” Duane had Roy in his office and the manager on speakerphone. Finally, it became apparent to Roy that moving into Robin’s Apartments might be a real possibility. He got some heavy duty coaching from Duane with regard to making an appointment to interview with the apartment manager and some instruction on how to conduct himself during that interview.

Roy had been saving his money for a while, he had the security deposit, and first month’s rent. He had two more face-to-face interviews, the first to fill out the application and pay the $25 application fee. The second, and final, interview was where the background check came in. Roy sailed through the process and moved into his new apartment.

Since moving into the apartment, the Goodwill Leadership Team noticed that Roy’s whole demeanor has changed. He is more relaxed now and says his stress levels are much better. Roy also shared that for the first time in a long time he feels like he has a family - his Goodwill family.

Roy is glad he got a second chance when he needed it most. It’s what we do. . .