#MissionMonday - Lee

Every Monday, we'll be posting a new story of how our mission has assisted people in the community. Be sure to check back each week for a new and inspirational story of someone who was helped by Goodwill Manasota. Changing lives through the power of work...it's what we do.

#MissionMonday - LeeLee came into Goodwill’s Job connection through Englewood Helping Hands. She was late on her rent and had no food in her refrigerator. Lee explained that her family’s Thanksgiving celebration was going to be meager compared to previous years, but it could not be helped.  Lee had recently been laid off. She had paid her bills with the money she had in savings, but there was no money left for food.

At Englewood Helping Hands, Lee had received assistance with rent and two bags of groceries.  Then, she was referred to the Job Connection so she could get a job and pay the rent that would be due within the next two weeks.

Lee’s employment history looked great; she had worked hard her whole life. When she first moved to Florida, she thought she had found a job where she could stay until she was ready to retire. She was working at a medical transcriber job where the office had been behind in their documentation. Lee wanted to show them her appreciation and worked very hard to complete her assigned work. Each file she completed was praised and then she was given the next. Her 30 day evaluation was excellent. After six months she was called into the office thinking she was going to get another excellent review. Instead, she was told her position had been eliminated. Lee was shocked to find she had worked herself out of the job. 

Lee had been looking for another job ever since she was laid off, but she was worried about finding work because she has a disability. She had had a stroke that she recovered from mentally, but not physically; she wears braces on both legs to help her walk. It seemed to her that her disability made many companies cautious about hiring her. It was for that reason that she thought her employment options were going to be limited.

At the Job Connection she worked with Robin who helped connect her to Career Source and Indeed.com. Pretty soon, Lee had a job offer and began the paperwork. She had a number of Skype interviews and classes as part of her employment packet. Everything was going well and she had received a check to upgrade her computer. However, Lee returned to the Job Connection because she was worried. She had placed a call to her future employer, but the switchboard operator didn’t recognize the name she was given. After some research it was discovered that the company was real but the job offer was a scam-- which is now being investigated by the Better Business Bureau and Career Source.   In time, the “fake” company would have asked her for her bank account routing information so they could direct deposit her paycheck. Then, they would have emptied her account.  Lee was glad she found out about this scam early enough, but she was even more discouraged than ever about her job search.

Nonetheless, Lee went back to her job search. This time she went to a hiring event where Robin from the Goodwill Job Connection had referred her. The company was Expert Global Solutions (EGS) and they invited Lee to interview the next day. Her interview went well and Lee was hired.

Lee is very excited to be in a positive work environment.  Even better, she was given a choice of two different positions and EGS was willing to work with Lee’s physical limitations.  Lee is breathing easier now that she knows she will be able to pay her rent and feed her family again.  She is grateful for the help that Goodwill provided her during a very stressful time in her life.  It’s what we do...