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Last Thursday, the Goodwill Veterans Services Program team received a call from the Department of Veterans Affairs about Larry, a veteran who was homebound due to cancer. Larry served in Germany in the 1960s. Now he was retired

and in poor health. He had no air conditioning in his home and this year’s hot and lengthy summer was taking a toll on him.  The oxygen tubes Larry relied on in order to breathe were getting too soft to operate correctly due to the heat. 


Veterans Services Program manager Todd Hughes took the call and then made a few phone calls of his own to get more information about Larry’s needs. Todd also made a call to a partner agency, SRQ Vets, to see if they had access to a window air conditioning unit for Larry. Eddie from SRQ Vets called Lowe’s in Sarasota; the store manager immediately agreed to donate an air conditioning unit.


On Friday, the veterans services team picked up the unit, went to Larry’s home and installed it. Larry was very grateful.
He went from looking like a man who had been completely beaten down to being happy and energetic. Now that the window unit was in place and starting to cool down his bedroom, he was literally “breathing easier.”  


As the team was leaving, Larry came outside to see them off with a huge smile on his face and tears in his eyes. He was thankful that there are still people who want to serve the men and women who have bravely and selflessly served us. It’s what we do …