#MissionMonday - Jeremy

Every Monday, we'll be posting a new story of how our mission has assisted people in the community. Be sure to check back each week for a new and inspirational story of someone who was helped by Goodwill Manasota. Changing lives through the power of work...it's what we do.

#MissionMonday - JeremyGrowing up, Jeremy’s home life was difficult and at a young age, he decided to move out. After moving around from place to place, he eventually settled in Venice, Florida and tried to build a stable life. He often had difficulty finding employment because of a learning disability and his nomadic lifestyle. To make things worse, he had never bothered to graduate from high school, or get a driver’s license.

It took him a while, but Jeremy finally found a good, stable job at a carwash. He loved his new job; he liked being part of a team and liked the new friends he was making. After several years though, Jeremy’s boss met with him and said that the company’s hiring policies had changed and all workers would be required to have a driver’s license. Without one, Jeremy lost his job.

Jeremy was feeling down on his luck when one of his friends suggested that he go to the Job Connection office at Goodwill to get some assistance. With no other ideas, he showed up one morning and began working with Robin, Goodwill’s Career Development Facilitator. He knew it was going to be tough to find a new job because he still had no diploma and no license, but he never gave up. Robin was encouraging too, she told him they would keep looking until they found his perfect job. Then one day, Robin told Jeremy about a job in the food service industry that just might do the trick. It seemed perfect, it was within walking distance of his home and didn’t require a high school education. Robin helped Jeremy apply and he was quickly hired.

He is now back to work, happy with his finances, and is making new friends. Jeremy is so thankful for the assistance he got from Robin that he refers Goodwill’s Job Connection Office to anyone he meets who is having trouble finding a job. Jeremy feels blessed that he met someone who spent the time to find him employment that met his specific needs. It’s what we do…