#MissionMonday - Daniel

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By the time Daniel realized he had a problem, drugs and alcohol had already taken over his life. He prioritized them over everything else that was once important to him. After six years of substance abuse resulting in estrangement from his family, four stints in rehab and, ultimately, homelessness, Daniel found himself needing treatment again. He was at the end of his rope. Day treatment programs had not worked for him and he was not sure where he could go to get help.  

Daniel knew that his prolonged substance abuse had resulted in a life-threatening cycle of addiction and relapse. He could not just go “cold turkey” because of the dangerous and painful side effects of withdrawal. Try as he might, Daniel could not find a medical treatment center that would accept him into a long-term program.

He decided to go to the Turning Points Job Connection for assistance in getting a job so that he could save for housing. What Daniel didn’t know was that the Career Development Facilitator, Kathy, would assess his barriers for employment, including asking about substance abuse. When Daniel and Kathy sat down to determine his work readiness, Daniel admitted to having been in treatment centers numerous times. He explained that he never had much success since he always ended up back with the same people who contributed to his addition.

During the conversation, Daniel indicated had been seriously considering ending his own life. He felt that there was no hope for him. Kathy offered to help and explained what she could do. Daniel agreed to try getting clean one last time. So, with Daniel’s permission, Kathy called the Manatee County Sheriff’s office. When the officer arrived, he questioned Daniel and determined that he would transport Daniel to Centerstone, which offers mental health and addictions treatment.

A week later, Daniel returned to the Turning Points Job Connection and he was a different man. He reported that he now had a treatment plan in place that would include inpatient and outpatient treatment. However, he would need to go to St. Petersburg to participate in a long-term program that Centerstone had found for him. Daniel didn’t know how he was going to get there and he was worried because he was going to be discharged from the Centerstone program in a few days. Kathy was happy to connect Daniel with some resources. She called St Joseph Catholic Church and spoke with Father Jim, who agreed to find a ride for Daniel and made the arrangements that afternoon.  

Daniel made it safely to the rehab facility, where he was provided with housing along with a long-term outpatient treatment program. Over the following months, Daniel called Kathy frequently with updates. 

Today, Daniel has achieved three months of sobriety and is committed to staying clean and sober. He has a part-time job at a warehouse and he has been working hard to set goals and look after his health. Daniel says that his entire view of life has changed.  He has finally become honest with himself about the choices he has made. Now he is making different choices, including incorporating the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous into his life. He says he is ready to change for good. He can’t wait to restore his relationships with his estranged family.

Daniel says he is grateful to have found the people and programs he needed to help him when he thought there was no hope left. It’s what we do ...