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Sometimes life just doesn’t work according to your plans. Bill had a criminal record and, even though he had a GED from SCTI, it was difficult for him to find work. Bill walked into the Goodwill Selby Job Connection office in 2012 and met with Carlos Yancy. He filled out several applications but still wasn’t getting any interviews, so he decided he would apply for a job at Goodwill. He filled out an application and was hired to work at the new Corporate Campus location in Bradenton. 


A few months later, Bill’s daughter passed away. He had trouble handling her death and told his TLC that he needed to resign his position for a while. After several months, Bill began to feel like he might be able to work again. He wasn’t sure if Goodwill would re-hire him but when he stopped by to inquire, he was welcomed back.


Bill got a position at the new Logistics Center. His GoodPartner Coach sat down with him and pointed out that while he had a GED, seemed to be struggling with low reading comprehension. They discussed Bill getting help with reading in order to bring his reading comprehension scores higher on the TABE assessment that he had taken a couple of times. He knew that this would be necessary in order to move ahead in his career. 


Bill was assigned a tutor through one of Goodwill’s nonprofit partners, Manatee Reads. His GoodPartner Coach kept in touch with the tutor. When Bill had raised his score high enough, hia GoodPartner Coach enrolled him in the Goodwill Works program. Bill was also working as a key holder (store manager) now, so becoming a Certified Role Model Worker - with specialized job skills training - was important to him. He moved quickly through the training videos on Goodwill U; his supervisor and his GoodPartner Coach worked together to schedule time to get Bill’s training done and still meet the production goals for his department.


With hard work on Bill’s part, along with great teamwork and mission integration from his support team, Bill finished the online classes. Finally, he became a Certified Role Model Worker!


Bill was proud and grateful at the Recognition Breakfast, where he was recognized as a Certified Role Model Worker. He knows that Goodwill is not just a place for second chances but also a place that prepares people for a successful career, not merely a place to work. It’s what we do …