#MissionMonday - Bianca

Every Monday, we'll be posting a new story of how our mission has assisted people in the community. Be sure to check back each week for a new and inspirational story of someone who was helped by Goodwill Manasota. Changing lives through the power of work...it's what we do.


Bianca had a great job and had been with her current employer for more than 15 years. She’d started as an office assistant and was promoted four times before
becoming a quality review analyst. Bianca was recognized by her peers as having an “eye for details” and her supervisors counted on her to catch the mistakes that others did not. She felt successful and empowered.

Then she got some bad news. Her employer announced that their contract for government pension administration had not been renewed. They would be closing their doors in September and everyone in her office was being laid off. The career she’d worked so hard to build was being derailed. She described the feeling as, “the most professionally traumatic experience you’ll ever have.”  

Bianca’s employer is based out of Atlanta, Ga. and had worked with the local Goodwill there to find candidates in the past. They knew that people would be devastated by the news and reached out to Goodwill Manasota for assistance in helping their employees prepare for the upcoming layoffs. Their HR director contacted the Job Connection program and asked if someone would be willing to come and assist their employees in finding employment. The good news was that they’d given their staff nine months’ notice and there was time to prepare and look for new jobs.

Bianca and her co-workers were encouraged to attend workshops on networking, resume preparation, carryout out a successful job search, and interview skills, hosted by several of Goodwill’s career development facilitators. There she met Antonia, who reviewed her resume and had suggestions about how she could improve it. Bianca met with Antonia at the Job Connection office the following week and reformatted her resume. She talked about her struggle with anxiety and admitted she lacked the self-confidence she felt she needed to move on.

Antonia assisted Bianca in identifying her transferrable skills and showed her how to get noticed by recruiters. Bianca received job leads each week and Antonia frequently emailed her to see if she’d followed up and applied. One day Antonia called and was excited because she’d met a recruiter at an event who was interested in Bianca’s skill set. Bianca did not apply right away because she wasn’t sure if she had all the qualification listed in the job description. Antonia persuaded her to apply anyway and urged her to hurry before the job was no longer available.

Bianca was scheduled for an interview; she called Antonia immediately to say she was sure she’d blow it. Antonia praised her accomplishments and showed her some techniques she could use to calm her nerves. She learned about the power of positive affirmations and identified a handful of situations she could use for behavioral-based interview questions.

The day of her interview came and Bianca spent an hour looking in the mirror, saying only nice things to herself. When she arrived, she discreetly went into the bathroom where she hid in a stall and started to panic. Then she remembered Antonia talking about the confidence-enhancing “Superman Stance” and decided to give it a try. She even hummed the theme song in her head as she stood with her chest puffed out, feet spread wide and her hands on her hips. She got herself together and proceeded to nail the interview.

Bianca left with a job offer and a huge smile on her face. Her life had been changed by the power of work. It’s what we do ...