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Alice was sad when she visited Goodwill’s Job Connection office. She had just quit her job at the preschool where
she had worked as a kitchen manager for 13 years. She had seen a teacher verbally abuse a student. When she reported it – as she knew she should – the leadership at the school ridiculed her. Alice loved her job and those children; she felt like she was a grandma to many of them. However, she was very concerned about the
management of the school. She did not like the way leadership handled her report and did not like the fact that the kitchen had been understaffed for quite some time. It was time to find an employer who would treat employees better.

When Alice met the Career Development Facilitator at the Job Connection office, the first task they tackled was updating Alice’s resume. Then the CDF sat with Alice at the computer and showed her how to use Indeed to find positions that could be a good fit. Alice could not believe the number of employers she saw that were hiring close to her home.

Alice stayed at the Job Connection for four hours that day, completing numerous job applications. She wanted to get a job as soon as possible because she knew she could not be without a paycheck for very long. She was worried that because she was not currently working, she might not be a top candidate for the jobs she was seeing online. However, as it turned out, Alice was selling herself short. By the middle of the next week, she had three job offers.

Alice was excited but also a little nervous about how to decide which offer was right for her. The CDF sent her home with an assignment: to list the pros and cons of each position. Creating that list made the decision easier for Alice. She decided to take a position as the kitchen manager at a correctional institution – she would be training offenders to help equip them with skills they could use to get a job once released.

Alice loves her new job. At her old job she was always working and it was always understaffed. At her new job, she trains and supervises a crew of seven to do the work. Although she misses the children she used to cook for, she is thankful for her own new beginning. She is glad the Job Connection was there to point her in the right direction. It’s what we do …