If you had the power to change the future for the better, would you do it?

More jobs, increased access to education, career building, greater protection for our environment – these are the ways in which Goodwill Manasota is making an IMPACT on our local community, and on our world.

IMPACT is the groundbreaking initiative from Goodwill Manasota designed to reinvigorate our local economy, secure our financial future and protect our natural resources.

The IMPACT initiative focuses on four primary areas of development:



Goodwill Manasota provides meaningful, long-term employment opportunities to people who have long struggled to find work. Through education and training, we help them overcome barriers that result from disability, lack of education, poor language skills, or a myriad of other obstacles that have kept them from entering or remaining in the workforce.


At Goodwill, we provide opportunities for people to further their education and advance their careers. Our programs teach practical, real-world skills needed for success, skills that people might never gain without the help of Goodwill.


Goodwill Manasota has a positive local economic impact of more than $81.3 million, the impact of which is invested right back into the community. By expanding employment and job opportunities to people who have never before had a chance at career development, we can create a whole new pool of future business leaders.


At Goodwill Manasota, we realize the critical importance of protecting our environment. To preserve our planet for future generations, we have pioneered the reduce-reuse-recycle efforts to benefit our community and beyond.

Each year, we protect and preserve our natural resources by diverting close to 40 million pounds of unwanted and unneeded goods that would otherwise end up in landfills, turn into useless trash and cause further pollution. Thanks to our recycle-reuse efforts, these items are put to good use and benefit individuals and families who need them most.