Learning to Live Your Truth: The Power of Gratitude - Honore

May 27, 2017
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Goodwill Manasota - Honore
1704 N Honore Ave
Sarasota, FL 34235




This is the week you will discover your ability to engage the fire within you.  The magic of who you were created to be and how you can access that magic every day.  A stronger and clearer vision of who you are is emerging more every day.  You will learn the secret, extra-special ingredient for the journaling you have been doing over the last four weeks and discover why forgiveness is more about you than anyone else.  Get ready to be leveled up in your overall consciousness of self-worth!

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About Your Speaker

Diane has been serving women for 24 years with emphasis on self-worth and self-development.  Teaching women to standing in their truth, loving themselves for who they are and not allowing others to define them.   She has helped them identify the generational baggage that has been dumped on them from family dysfunction that they have taken on and believed to be their own limiting beliefs.  Diane has taken the time and has done the work to achieve her own healing and lives in her truth.  Diane has developed classes that reflect layered learning that will take you on your own healing journey to discover your own truth that will allow you to be “equally important” in every decision you make and allow you to most of all “love you the most” while having deep respect for others.    In doing so you will truly love and know love.  

Her classes have been developed for men and women and have equal benefits for both genders.  Please come join her.  She would be honored by your attendance.





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