Fabulous Finds Road Show - Ranch Lake

March 3, 2017
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Goodwill Manasota - Ranch Lake
8750 E State Road 70
Bradenton 34202

 Ever wondered how to tell if something is valuable or not?

Ever seen something at Goodwill that looked like an antique, but you just weren’t sure?

Interested in turning your old items and Goodwill finds into money in your pocket?



Whether you're an antique enthusiast, a Goodwill treasure hunter, or just cleaning out your closet, join Lisa Durand for this engaging and informative workshop to learn how to spot if your “junk" might be someone else's “treasure." Learn what key indicators to look for as well as the tips, tricks, and tools needed to sell your items in a worldwide market and the secrets to turning Goodwill finds into extra cash in your pocket.
Lisa will also go over the hottest selling items on EBAY and review how with Social Media and Online Marketplaces there are more ways than ever to sell both locally and globally.
If you have items you would like to research during this seminar, bring them with you and we will discover together if they’re valuable treasures, or if it’s time to donate to Goodwill for a tax deduction.


If you are interested in attending this FREE workshop, please RSVP through the link above.

About Your Speaker

Lisa Durand

Lisa Durand has been buying and selling for years and recently sold her 9,000 square foot Consignment and Antique business in Upstate New York. She will walk you through how to spot the diamond in the rough and how to liquidate your items into cash. 




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