Stop the Stampede of Sabotage: 4 Keys to Becoming Calm, Focused, and Profitable - Honore

October 5, 2016
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Honore Community Room
1704 N Honore Ave
Sarasota, FL 34235

The Elephant Tamer presents: Stop the Stampede of Sabotage
A 1-hour presentation that delivers precise ways to shift out of overwhelm and into focused productivity.

We are between the first presidential debate and election day. The majority of people are already exhausted by the tension – for good reason. The tension is killing us. Almost 90 percent of all visits to primary health care providers are due to stress-related problems. America – There’s an Elephant in the Room. And it’s not just the election and it’s not just about our health. Tensions in general are on the rise, finances are stretched and emotions are volatile. Stressors are everywhere and they are sabotaging our efforts to be healthy, productive, profitable and even likable. On Wednesday October 5, 2016, from 6 to 7pm, Jackie Simmons, will present: “Stop the Stampede of Sabotage: 4 Keys to Becoming Calm, Focused & Profitable”.

The Keys open doors to precise skills that stop stress in its tracks. The presentation is interactive, and participants will identify the exact “Elephants” (attitudes & actions) that are holding them back and keeping them from having the relationships, jobs, and health that they want. Based on Simmons’ 30+ years of experience in stress intervention & business consulting, this presentation provides help for the chronically overwhelmed, by identifying the blocks that create the dismal results we are seeing in the world and in our bank accounts.

Focusing on everyday experiences, Simmons will offer engaging insights into how the “Elephant” got into our “Rooms” in the first place, how ignoring it simply gives it room to grow and the surprising revelation that makes it easy to tame. There is also a challenge that comes with attending this event.

Everyone has Elephants - The surprise – it’s not your fault. The challenge - once you participate in this presentation, you will have no excuses. You, and only you, will be responsible for taking charge of your life and Taming your Elephant. The good news - you will have the skills you need to get the job done.

Part of the Goodwill Good Neighbor Program, the presentation will be held in the Community Room at Goodwill Honore. Reservations are required to attend. To join us for this informative workshop to Stop the Stampede of Sabotage - RSVP through the link above!

Tame Your Elephants

About The Elephant Tamer: The Elephant Tamer ( is a training/coaching program primarily for chronically overwhelmed small business owners. Using these techniques, clients get control over their relationships, their time & their money so that they can focus on serving their clients and customers.  The program was originally launched as "Stress Intervention Training". The name was changed when the idea of “managing” one more thing, just added to the sense of overwhelm. While most people, especially small business owners, admit to needing stress relief, no one really wanted to "manage" their stress. The stress-reducing, productivity-enhancing benefits of Taming Elephants allows clients to focus & finish projects, increases their ability to connect with others and to acquire more clients & customers of their own. To make it even easier, we offer a free "Tame Your Elephant" quiz that lets people get started learning the skills, without the need to use the “S” word.