Providing jobs is the foundation and the most vital component of our mission; at Goodwill Manasota, we provide full- and part-time employment opportunities for more than 800 people, every day.

While other employers work to screen unqualified applicants out – we work very hard to help those job seekers overcome the barriers to employment that have prevented them from achieving independence and success. We see beyond the obstacles and provide the necessary training and opportunities for individuals to earn the dignity and self-sufficiency that accompanies work.

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Job Connection

Our Job Connection program is designed to help individuals obtain long-term employment or transition to better, higher paying jobs.

We provide career counseling, interest and aptitude assessments, assistance with resume and cover letter writing skills, interview strengthening exercises and application submission guidance. These services are available to individuals with disabilities, people with limited work history, veterans who are transitioning to civilian life, workers who have experienced corporate downsizing, recipients of government support programs – anyone who truly wants an opportunity to overcome obstacles to employment and self-sufficiency. Goodwill Manasota’s Job Connection also assists employers who seek qualified candidates to hire.

Supported JobsPlus

We are dedicated to assisting individuals with physical, psychiatric or developmental disabilities that obstruct their path to success. We provide classes and counseling to enable them to achieve positive personal and workplace behaviors and skills while earning a paycheck through job opportunities at Goodwill.

Supported JobsPlus features workplace accommodations and access to job and life coaches who offer employment, family and personal counseling as well as self-sufficiency and independence advice. We also provide skills training, job placement and job retention services.