Kindness Community

Create social change that makes Kindness a way of life

Kindness Community

Proactive choice is the guiding principle of Kindness Community. Goodwill Manasota believes in the power of choice each person has in response to others’ behavior. Founded in North Port, Florida, in December 2016 by Jacqueline Moore, businesswoman and former city commissioner of North Port, Kindness Community integrates this principle into these overarching beliefs

  • There are limitless demands for, and a limitless supply of, Kindness in our world
  • Kindness is free and inclusive
  • Kindness is a unifier in our world
  • Kindness improves the well-being of the giver and the receiver
  • Kindness is contagious
  • Kindness is a virtue espoused as important in all major religious belief systems on Earth

Please visit our page on Facebook and share your experiences with us – via words or videos!  When did you choose to be kind in the face of others’ challenging behavior? Thank you for encouraging your friends and family to share, too!

Please take the Kindness Pledge!

HeartBy signing this pledge — I am agreeing to take actions in creating a kindness community. I will take new opportunities that bring forth my commitment and encourage others. By taking new actions, new results emerge and the possibility of transforming our community into a better place to live.




Let’s create social change together that makes Kindness a way of life!


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 Kindness Community Update - August 2017

Purchase Cup Of Kindness tea

*Cup of Kindness tea is also available for purchase at Children's World in Sarasota (4525 Bee Ridge Road)