Shine like a Diamond

Posted by: Robin Brown on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The birthstone for April is the diamond and it’s easily the stone that gets the most attention. To think a diamond starts as a blob of coal is remarkable!  All that pressure creating something so beautiful!

I like to think of people like diamonds.  How life shapes them with the pressure of experiences, like a piece of coal hewn into something quite different from what it once was. Life shapes and molds with every situation and every breath. Just like the pressure on coal that creates a diamond. Homeless, abandoned, jobless, little to eat - these are just a few challenges - pressures that people experience every day. People right here in our community.

That’s where the folks here at Goodwill Manasota come in… touching those lives with jobs and opportunities - “A hand up, not a hand out” - allowing others to shine like diamonds too.

Goodwill Manasota employs people with barriers to self-sufficiency, including welfare recipients, people with disabilities, individuals with a history of chronic unemployment and many others.  We help individuals build a strong work history, and develop a launching pad for higher paying jobs outside Goodwill.

Our Job Connections provide free job-placement services to individuals seeking community-based jobs.  We help participants assess their career goals, prepare strong resumes and cover letters, identify prospective employers, and conduct successful job interviews.

When you think of Goodwill Manasota, remember it’s more than a great shopping experience. For many in our community it’s a life changing experience. To quote the founder of Goodwill, Dr. Edgar J. Helms, “We offer not alms but opportunity.”

You may say to me, “you’ve never been in my shoes.” To which I would respond; I was once homeless, without a job and had nothing to eat. Goodwill gave me a hand up and now years later I am still shining like a diamond! And now, every time I shop at Goodwill, I take joy in knowing that I’m helping someone else shine too!


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