The Power of Love

Posted by: Robin Brown on Friday, February 9, 2018

I like to think that “paying it forward” is one of the many attributes of “love”.  Although we tend to only think of Valentines’ Day relating to the month of February, I believe it is so much more!

A smile, a hug, a friendly handshake or greeting works any day, any month, any time.  We can show kindness to a stranger, whatever their walk of life.  Every day can be a day to share love and WOW; you actually get it in return almost every time!

Our Kindness Community, our Veterans Services, and our Missions Services all generate that universal common thread that binds the human heart together with others…love.

There’s just so much to be said for kindness and the effect it has on folks. In reading articles on people’s perspective of kindness, one person said, “Performing random acts of kindness makes you an example of what is possible.” Now that responsibility should be easy for everyone!  Right?  After all, it takes less effort to be kind than the alternative.

While we’re on the subject, Goodwill Manasota will be paying it forward during the upcoming Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 11-17th).  On February 14th - Valentine’s Day - we will be handing out gift cards to random donors and shoppers throughout all of our Manasota locations.  PLUS, one lucky person who has signed the Kindness Community Pledge will be selected to receive a $100 Goodwill gift card!

If you haven’t already, visit to sign the Kindness Pledge and you could be the lucky winner! It’s all part of the Kindness Community and sharing the love.

And the next time you’re in line at the drive through or standing in line at the grocery store, you can easily show love by “paying it forward”.  Buy the guy behind you at the drive through that ever so needed morning cup of Java or offer your place in line at the check out to the person behind you.

You never know when someone will “pay it forward” to you. Now that’s The Power of Love!  That’s the power of kindness!

I challenge you to make the Kindness Pledge and start paying it forward TODAY.


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