Circle of Good Friends

Posted by: Ashley Light on Friday, September 29, 2017
Circle of Good Friends

Looking for a great way to support your favorite cause? Join Goodwill Manasota's Circle of Good Friends. This is a group of people who support Goodwill Manasota by helping us to have funding year round. Who can join? Anyone! What do you have to do to join? Commit to donating each month. The best part is that you can choose the amount! Whether you want to donate $15 each month, $30, or another amount, the choice is up to you! It's an easy way to help a local cause make a difference in your community.  Are you excited about a new raise? You can choose to donate a larger amount each month to Goodwill Manasota. Are you worried about making a commitment and what may happen in the future financially? Don' worry, if at some point you are unable to make your monthly donations, we can lower your donation amount, or pause them until you get back on your feet. We understand life happens.

This is a great way to contribute to a cause that means a lot to you, without having to commit to a large sum of money. It' super easy to donate a small amount of money each year. It does not have to be a large amount. YOU select how much you want to donate. The best part is that you probably won't miss that $30 each month and you'll know that it's going to a great cause. Over the course of a year, you'll contribute $360 to change lives through the power of work. That helps to make a big difference!

Did you know your employer may match your charitable donation? When you visit our donation page, just check the box about matching donations, and provide us with your employer's name. The program will do all of the work for you, completing the donation form and matching donation request for you, and submitting it to your supervisor. This takes the work away from you, making it easy to donate even more. Say you donate $50 to Goodwill Manasota and check the box for matching donation. We'll contact your employer with the information and if they match the donation, they'll contribute another $50 to Goodwill Manasota, DOUBLING your donation, turning your $50 into $100.

What if your employer doesn't match charitable donations? Not all employers will match charitable donations. The good news is that by checking the box, our program will submit the information to your employer. Some employers only match a certain amount each year, or have other regulations. You can also reach out to your employer and tell them how great it would be if they made matching donations.

How does Goodwill Manasota change lives through the power of work? Goodwill has been serving people with disabilities and barriers to self-sufficiency for over 35 years. Goodwill knows that having a job allows a person with a disability or barrier a better quality of life and the dignity that comes with earning a paycheck. Goodwill Manasota is the only agency in our service area providing these comprehensive programs at no charge. At our Job Connections, we assist people in the community with the job application process, including writing their resume, completing job applications, and preparing for interviews. The Goodwill Veterans Service Program has served thousands of veterans in our community in obtaining any service needed, whether it be employment, homelessness prevention, educational referrals, medical needs etc., especially to those that have become disabled during their tour of duty.


Not able to commit to a monthly donation at this time? That's okay! We welcome all kinds of donations. From one time monetary donation, to monthly donations and employer match donations. To donating items from your home- clothing of all kinds, home décor, kitchen items, furniture, etc.

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Thank you for supporting Goodwill Manasota and our community.




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