Fabulous Summer Clothing Finds at Goodwill

Posted by: Ashley Light on Thursday, July 13, 2017
JCrew Shorts

I always like a good deal. I used to think I was getting a good deal by getting something on sale and using a coupon on top of it. I recently started shopping for clothes at thrift stores and realized that the prices are much lower and don't require all that work. I can find clothes that I like that are recent from the store and in good condition. It's easier than ordering online because I don't have to worry about paying for shipping and I have the opportunity to try on in store.

Before working at Goodwill Manasota, I had only purchased cool finds from Goodwill and was skeptical of the clothes. Then I learned in my orientation about the process that clothing goes through when it's donated to Goodwill. Clothing condition is checked and then it goes through a cycle in the store. Items are only there for a few weeks, if that.

Did you know that you can find cute summer outfits at Goodwill Manasota? Even name brands such as J Crew, Guess, and Chicos. I have found many fun summer outfits from Goodwill. They even coordinate! To find a great outfit, first you need to be familiar with what brands you like and what size you wear with each brand. Each Goodwill store has a Boutique section in their store. When clothing is donated, it is sorted and name brands are pulled and set aside for the Boutique sections. Clothing is also checked for stains, holes, etc. Boutique items are name brands and in good condition.

When I go to Goodwill looking for some great clothing finds, I go straight to the Boutique section. I look at each rounder or rack of clothing, looking for the brands that I like in their sizes that I know fit me. I can go through the racks quickly and pull out pieces that I know have a good chance of fitting me well. This is also a great opportunity to try name brands that I don't normally buy.

Items at Goodwill go through a three week rotation period at the stores. If they are not sold at the retail stores within three weeks, they are pulled from the retail store and go to a clearance center. If they don't sell there then they go to the Bargain Barn. Each item is tagged with a date, so you can tell how long the item has been there. Usually it is only a few days because items get scooped up so quickly! The other day, I found a brand new Cache blouse- still with the tags on it! It was originally $98. I got it for $8.99! I checked the tag, and the blouse had just been donated that day. If I hadn't gotten it then, someone else would have gotten a steal! I also saw a Tori Burch dress, priced at $49.99. What a deal! It wasn't my size, but it could be a great gift for a friend who loves Tori Burch!

Tori Birch

Some of my favorite finds at Goodwill have been JCrew shorts and Talbots tops. I have been able to mix and match three different sets of summer outfits all from Goodwill. Usually I can get one top, pair of shorts, and a dress all for about $20 at Goodwill. I even have found Nike running shorts!

On my recent trip to Goodwill, I spotted Ann Taylor Loft shorts, an adorable silk BCBG dress, White House Black Market blouse, Ann Taylor lace top, Nike work out top, the brand new Cache blouse, JCrew shorts, a striped Talbots shirt, bright Talbots sweater, a cute ¾ sleeve J.Jill dress, and the Tori Burch dress. I left with the JCrew shorts, Ann Taylor blouse, and the Cache blouse. I like being able to find name brand clothing for work and fun casual clothes for the weekend. I get to save so much, and have extra money left over for fancy items I wouldn't normally get, like the Cache blouse.

Loft Shorts


Ann Taylor Top



When you check out, your cashier will ask if you would like to round up your donation. I always round up my donation because I know that the money is going to a good place and is making a difference in our community. What better way to put your cents to work! To save extra, you can go to experiencegoodwill.org/coupons and follow Goodwill Manasota on Facebook for coupons. When you shop at Goodwill, you know your money is going to a good place because our funds help to change lives through the power of work.

What are your top tips for scoring great finds at thrift stores?



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