Goodwill's Got You Covered All Summer Long!

Posted by: Sam Valentin on Thursday, June 8, 2017
Sun and Rain

Summer in Florida. The wettest, hottest, most unpredictable time of year to be in the Sunshine State. It's basically impossible to get ready in the mornings without trying to factor in what the weather for the day will bring. Sometimes it's a million degrees out without a cloud in the sky and other times it's pouring down rain and the streets are flooded. Usually, these two situations are about an hour and a half apart. Seriously.

Luckily, growing up in Florida I have come to embrace the unpredictably of our weather and understand that if there is one thing that is predictable, it's the unpredictability. Tornadoes, hurricanes, waterspouts, extreme humidity, unbearable heat, and a few hours in between of perfect beach weather - you name it, a Florida summer's got it! This is probably why during the summer my car always looks like I'm in the middle of moving. I like to be prepared for whatever the weather throws my direction.

If you're not like me though, you may often find yourself unprepared for a sudden afternoon thunderstorm or an unexpected glorious beach day. Fortunately, Goodwill has got your back for whatever the weather brings and can help make sure your summer is everything you want it to be!

If it's nice out and you find yourself away from home without your beach gear, stop by your nearest Goodwill and pick up towels, coolers, bathing suits, and beach games! We've got locations all over Sarasota, Manatee, Hardee, and DeSoto counties, so no matter which beach you end up near, there's guaranteed to be a Goodwill in your vicinity. You could even pick up dishes, a basket, and a blanket and treat yourself to an impromptu picnic!

If it's suddenly pouring and you find yourself soaked but not even half way through your errands, stop by Goodwill and pick up an umbrella and a change of clothes! We won't be able to help with your ruined hair and/or make-up (although you could buy new make-up and a blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener), but you'll surely be able to find dry clothes and shoes.

Whatever your plans are this summer and whatever the weather decides to do, just remember that Goodwill can always help make your summer the absolute best!



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