Posted by: Sam Valentin on Thursday, April 6, 2017
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It was brought to my attention that the Masters are happening and apparently in the golf world that’s a big deal. I will be the first to admit I know nothing about golf. My knowledge of the sport begins and ends with the fact that Tiger Woods is a golfer. Seriously, that’s it. So when it was suggested that I write about the Masters for this week’s blog post, I literally had no idea where to even start. Luckily, the Bradenton Herald must have known that some of us don’t know anything about golf, and in their Monday paper featured a nice write-up including all the details you need to know to jump right in to this year’s event. 

My knowledge is still far from complete, but now I can tell you that Dustin Johnson is apparently the guy to beat this year. I can also tell you that there are 94 golfers participating in the event this time around, five of whom are amateurs (way to go guys!). Apparently there is also a hefty sum of money awarded to the overall winner – last year’s champ Danny Willett took home a whopping $10 million!

But how does the Masters have anything to do with Goodwill? If the first thing you thought just now was, “well I bet she’s going to tell me,” you’re right!

Goodwill Manasota specifically has some serious ties to the rich history of golf. Sarasota County, one of the four counties Goodwill Manasota covers, is home to one of the oldest golf courses in America. Some sources say we do in fact have the oldest course in America, but there is debate from those in New York and South Carolina who claim the title of oldest course belongs to them. Either way, golf has been a part of our local culture since 1885 when John Hamilton Gillespie first arrived in Sarasota from Scotland. In 1886 Sarasota got its first two golf holes in the area that is now downtown and ever since we have been recognized as a golf haven around the world.

Perhaps it is because of this long standing golf connection that Goodwill Manasota receives so many golf club donations.  Or maybe it’s because we have SO many amazing and world renowned courses in our area. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a new set of clubs on a budget, Goodwill has got you covered!

I don’t know what the different numbers on clubs mean or even what one would look for when picking out new clubs, but I can tell you that we have ALL the numbers and ALL kinds of clubs available in our retail locations. Your probably would never even have thought of Goodwill as place to pick up new clubs, but guess what? We are!

Who knows, you might even end up with a club used by a golf legend. After all, Sarasota has been home to numerous professional golf tournaments and championships over the years. For instance, did you know that from 1976 to 1988 Bent Tree Country Club hosted the Sarasota LPGA Classic? Or how about that Prestancia hosted 13 Champion PGA Tour events throughout the 1980s and 1990s? Even as recently as 2015 the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Championships were held at the Concession Club off State Road 70!

So the next time you’re in need of new clubs, remember to stop by Goodwill before heading to your nearest golf retailer. We have ALL the clubs at a fraction of the cost!

All the Clubs


More clubs


Even more clubs!


Not only do we have clubs, we have the bags to transport them in too!

Bags too


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You could even pick up a travel carrying case if you wanted!

Travel case



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