Goodwill Date Night

Posted by: Sam Valentin on Tuesday, March 7, 2017
All Leopard Everything

If you were to look up the hashtag #goodwilldate on Instagram, you would be met by hilarious and sometimes awkward images of couples whose clothes look… well a little off to be honest. The reason they look off though is lots of fun.

#Goodwilldate is a hashtag that went viral a few years ago when two couples decided to go on a double date wherein each couple picked out the outfits that their significant other would be wearing for the night. That means the boys picked out outfits for the girls and the girls picked out outfits for the boys. You can see why the clothes look a bit off now right?

I don’t know how I missed this trend when it first came around, but I definitely want to get in on the action now! According to everything I could find online, the rules are simple. Set a budget, pick a gender appropriate outfit for your significant other (without them seeing it ahead of time), and then wear the outfit out on a date. Piece of cake!

Because I’m super impatient and wanted to try this ASAP, I recruited my co-worker Daniel to get in on the action with me. We headed down to the store to find two looks for each other - a day look and an evening look. The results were definitely a good time.


Daniel’s day look for me consisted of all leopard everything. He paired a bedazzled, corduroy pair of leopard Chico’s pants with a leopard White House Black Market top, a fuzzy leopard cropped Chico’s jacket, furry leopard Steve Madden wedges, and clear red sunglasses for “a pop of color”. Perfect.

 Sam Outfit One


For Daniel’s day look, I paired a vibrant and not at all retro maroon and pink Roundy Bay button down with perfectly matching maroon Brooks Brothers linen pants and of course a nice pair of maroon faux leather high-tops. Impeccable.

 Daniel Outfit 1


Our evening looks were just as good.


For my evening look, Daniel selected a pair of gold silk Saks Fifth Avenue pants with a black and gold sequin Lawrence Kazar jacket and gold genuine leather boots. What Daniel did NOT select with this outfit was a top to wear under the jacket because, “you’re supposed to just button the top of the jacket and show off your belly. It’s a look.” He also recommended double sided tape to keep the jacket in place if need be, so at least there’s that.

Sam Outfit 2


For his evening look, I went a similar direction and selected a shimmery metallic gray silk DKNY button down paired with satiny black Vanetti slacks with barely there gray pinstripes. I also found him a nice pair of ALDO dress shoes to complete the ensemble. You can't quite tell just how metallic and amazing this shirt is from the picture, but trust me, it is.

 Daniel Outfit 2


Even though we aren’t actually going to wear the outfits we found for each other out in the real world, it definitely gives you an idea of what to expect with a #goodwilldate. I can’t wait to actually try this out with my husband and friends, and would LOVE to see what sort of #goodwilldate outfits you’ve come up if you’ve ever participated in the fun. And if you haven’t participated yet, what are you waiting for?! Be sure to share your awesome outfits with us on Social Media by including the hastags #goodwillmanasotaismyjam, #goodwillmanasota, and of course #goodwilldate. Looking forward to seeing your looks!



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Robin on March 13, 2017 at 10:52:19 am said:
What a grand idea! I'll pass it on. It's seems like a fun spin on date night:)