The Little Black Dress

Posted by: Kelly Gardner on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

After getting such great style advice last week from Kelly Gardner in regard to Mardi Gras, I asked her to share a little more of her fashion expertise with this week’s blog post. Here’s what she has to say about every gal’s favorite… The Little Black Dress.


Dreaming of the perfect little black dress? We have hundreds at our Goodwill stores in styles like lace, fringe, sequin, and more!  The timeless LBD is great for every occasion and since it is “the season” in Sarasota, they can be worn for luncheons and events in the evening. I found a gem by Vince Camuto; a timeless and fabulous dress that's minimalist perfection!


I love the simple, yet sophisticated look. It has been a bit busy with activities and events recently, so an outfit that is easy to piece together is something that appeals most to me. However, I still want an ensemble that looks like I put in some effort.

It’s so easy to add a pop of color to any LBD to give it a whole different look with a colorful necklace, scarf or a sassy heel. I have found amazing, one of a kind items for my LBD’s at Goodwill throughout the years! And, of course who doesn’t love the simplicity of pearls! Black ALWAYS looks good styled with other black items. Also, have you noticed when you wear all black you look slimmer? In terms of all-black items, I’d suggest wearing a pair of textured tights and killer shoes. Smaller heeled booties or pointy-toed heels are versatile and what most gals already have in their closet. At Goodwill, these can be easily found for under $10.

Check out some of my LBD accessory Goodwill finds!

 Blue Heels



Black Heels


The LBDs are SO AFFORDABLE at Goodwill, you can stock your closet for every season!



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