We Love Our Ambassadors

Posted by: Sam Valentin on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Goodwill Manasota offers tons of FREE classes that are open to the community. But have you ever wondered who teaches all these classes? Is there some all-knowing professor who jumps from location to location teaching everything from Spanish to Retirement Planning?

As cool as that would be, the answer is no. All of our classes are taught by our amazing and knowledgeable Ambassadors who volunteer both their time and expertise to help educate and empower our community one class at a time.

I’ve mentioned Ambassadors a few times now in different posts, so I thought it might be time to clarify what exactly an Ambassador is and how you can become one.

Like I said above, all of our classes are taught by Ambassadors, but that’s not all they do to help support Goodwill. Ambassadors are our first line of defense out in the real world. They are our advocates and voices in everyday life.  They are the ones who help us spread the word about what Goodwill does for our community and those who live in it. They educate those around them and invite others to gain a deeper understanding of our mission. They are the people we feature in our marketing campaigns, the people you see volunteering at our events, and the people who have made it their business to try and make the world a better place. We partner with Ambassadors in many ways and are every bit as committed to helping our Ambassadors succeed as they are in helping Goodwill change lives. 

If you ever have an interest in becoming an Ambassador, the process is simple. Each month we host a Lunch and Learn where we provide lunch and you learn all about the history of Goodwill, our mission, and the incredible programs we offer to the community. Then we take you on a behind the scenes tour of our operations and you get to see firsthand what happens to your donations from the second they come through the donation door to the minute they get put out into the store. After that, you’re in! You can officially call yourself a Goodwill Ambassador after just an hour and a half of your time.

Even if you are not interested in teaching a class or volunteering at an event, coming to a Lunch and Learn is definitely a great experience that will leave you educated on how Goodwill REALL Y operates and what we REALLY do in the community. For more details on our upcoming Lunch and Learns, visit experiencegoodwill.org/events. I hope to see you at one soon!




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