Let's Go Camping!!

Posted by: Sam Valentin on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I LOVE camping! Seriously, it is one of my absolute favorite activities in the world. This weekend I have a camping trip planned for Everglades National Park and it is basically all I have been able to think about for the past few days. When you’re a camping enthusiast like me, you probably already have 95% of the camping supplies you might need, but you are ALWAYS on the lookout for more.

In addition to the standard camping items that come to mind right away like tents and coolers, Goodwill is a great place to stock up on things like towels, blankets, and outdoor sporting equipment like fishing poles that you might want to take with you. One of my brothers has gotten at least six tents from Goodwill (despite having no need for six tents) simply because they were such a great deal!


After spending just five minutes browsing the Goodwill Manasota Corporate Campus store, check out all the supplies I found!


You know I had to start with the tent. A necessity if you're a "real" camper and not one of those RV campers! I checked the bag and it had all the poles and the cover for in case it rains. I already have my tent but this one could be yours. You just have to get it before my brother finds out about it!! 



Coolers are always a camping must-have. Fun fact, if you're taking a plane somewhere to go camping and have limited packing options - you can use the cooler like a suitcase and strap or tape it shut. Then when you get to your destination, empty it out and fill with food and drinks!



I always call these "drink coolers" but I don't think that's their actual name. Whatever they're called, fill with water or your favorite beverage to save space in your big cooler. Just remember to bring a cup to drink out of too!

Drink Cooler


Camping chairs. Need I say more?

Camping Chairs


If you don't want to bring your fancy, expensive towels that perfectly match your bathroom and took you forever to find, pick up a few of these for waaaay less than they would cost you in a regular retail store. Personally, I think it's nice to have dedicated camping towels.



When you're car camping (that's a term us campers use for when you drive to the campground rather than hike to it) space is not usually an issue. This means that if you're so inclined you can really do it up with something like this Anywhere Bed. Just make sure your tent is big enough for it to fit in!



Fishing poles!

 Fishing Poles


If you're not the most outdoorsy person but got roped into going camping, make sure you bring a book! I guarantee we have something you haven't read yet. AND, if you only spend a couple bucks on a book at Goodwill, you won't be nearly as upset if it gets rained on or dirty while camping!



So next time you’re planning a trip into the great outdoors, stop by Goodwill before heading to your local camping supply store. Chances are you’ll find what you need at a fraction of the cost!






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