Get in Your Closet (Then Clean It Out!)

Posted by: Sam Valentin on Friday, January 6, 2017

Picking up right where we left off in the last post, another handy tip to help downsize in the home is the old hanger trick. You’ve probably heard this one before because it’s a classic. Turn all of your clothing hangers backwards and then as you wear, wash, and rehang them, put the hangers back the normal way. Any hangers that are still backwards after x amount of time – say six months – donate! Clearly you’re not wearing whatever is on that hanger so there is no reason it should continue to take up space in your closet. Of course as you do this, be sure to take seasonal wardrobes into account. Don’t get overzealous when you see all your summer/winter clothes still hanging backwards and get rid of them if the only reason they haven’t been worn is due to the weather.

You should also do a closet sweep at least once every six months to eliminate clothes that are too big or too small. If you’re like me and you’re convinced that as soon as you get rid of something you’ll need it, rest assured that you can always stop by your local Goodwill to find what you need at a great price! 

Speaking of great prices, if one of your goals is to save money this year, Goodwill should be one of the first places that comes to mind. In most cases, you can buy an entire outfit – including shoes – for what you could expect to pay for one item at typical retail stores! And the great deals at Goodwill are not limited to clothing; we have furniture, household items such as dishes, lamps, and linens, electronics including TVs and computers, and so much more at a fraction of regular retail prices. Plus, with new items being donated every day, you never know what kind of amazingness you will find!




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