First Things First

Posted by: Sam Valentin on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ah the New Year, time for evaluating where you’re at in life and figuring out what you want the future to bring. I, like most people, have a lengthy list of goals and hopes for 2017. The majority of my goals are fairly standard like “organize and eliminate excess,” “get in shape,” and “learn a new skill”. Luckily, I work at Goodwill and know firsthand all the ways they can help me achieve my goals. But rest assured you don’t have to work here to have Goodwill help you achieve your goals, and over the next few posts, you’ll find out why!

If one of your goals for 2017 is to get organized, the first thing you should do is get rid of clutter and items you don’t use that are sitting around gathering dust. Grab a box and do a quick sweep of the area you’re trying to organize. Put any items in the box that you never use or aren’t particularly fond of. Then, here’s the part where I always have trouble, GET RID OF THE BOX! Take it to your car as soon as you’re done putting things in it and drop it off next time you pass a Goodwill Donation Center. If you have items that you’re not quite ready to get rid of, but know deep down you will never use, consider having a second box in an out of the way area. Put the items you’re not ready to part with in this box and then write a donation date on the box. If you haven’t pulled an item out of the box by that date, then you don’t need that item! This way, instead of gathering dust and getting in the way, your old shoes can be walking into a job interview. The seven never used coffee cups taking up space in your kitchen cabinet can help someone who thought they were unemployable find a job. Plus, now you can write off those shoes and coffee cups on your taxes!

It’s also nice to have a designated donation box for all those times when you have an item that you truly just don’t know what to do with. For me personally, there are at least fifteen items in my house that just move from place to place without ever being used or enjoyed. I know I should just donate them to Goodwill, but they’re scattered all over the house. If only I had a designated donation box I could put them into...



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